M24 Trinacria


ErrediBi is an independent microbrand watchmaker based in the Milan area. M24 is a unique timepiece derived from an industrial nut and its screw. Discover our iconic watches entirely crafted in Italy, with a Swiss-made automatic movement.

Unique case crafted in 9 pieces, mechanically assembled.

316L handbrushed stainless steel for lugs and backcase.

Cusn12 Bronze polished for watch body.

All the machining work is done in Brianza, Italy.

Unique dial handmade with soleil sunburst effect with tones from brown to red if enlighted.

Gold dauphine second, minute and hour hands.

Hand-brushed bronze buckle.

Handcrafted chocolate brown leather strap, gold seams. Italian product.

Optical glass, WR 5 atm.

ETA 2671 NOS, 28.800/h, modified in-house to be fitted in the M24 case.

The watch comes in a handmade (made in Italy) magnetic box, with its metal warranty plate.

Box set includes a bronze M24 hex-nut, the original watch body donor and an original 1997 RdB leaflet signed by our founder Franco.

Watch has a 1 year worldwide warranty.

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Company Story – Tailor Made Mechanics

ErrediBi is an independent manufacturer of built to order watches based in Brianza, between Monza and Lecco.

The original project dates back more than twenty years, with the deposit by the designer Franco Viganò of an invention patent for a double-°©‐cased watch derived from industrial components. The project also stood out among the pages of several watch magazines at the turn of the 2000s, unfortunately undergoing a sudden slowdown and in fact never being marketed.

Since 2017, together with the partner Guido Virginio Villa, the project has been dusted off, greatly refined in terms of quality and finally offered to the public.

A Unique Case

The outer body and the lower ring of the main watch body are obtained from an industrial hexagon nut measuring M24 (36mm) or M27 (41mm), while the internal body housing the movement is made from the relative screw.

The lugs are instead obtained through modern 5-°©‐axis CNC machines and mechanically applied to the body described above, a further unique feature in the world watch scene. Careful processing of materials allows us to get all the details to proceed with the final assembly. All parts are obtained by machining from a solid piece on a machine tool.

Our watches are assembled in a completely opposite way compared to the classic wrist instruments: starting from the bezel, we go down to the case containing the movement: in this phase some seals of watchmaking derivation are inserted and a special design gasket derived from the ‘mechanical industry.

Only the last stages are common assemblies in watchmaking. The lugs are anchored to the external casing with truncated conical / cylindrical pins appropriately sized to ensure self-°©‐centering and positioning in the seat. Two for each lug for a total of 8 pins. Two of these, elongated, allow to engage the respective hemispherical seats on the inner casing and allow during the assembly phase the centering of the two existing cases, the anti-°©‐rotation during tightening and the phasing of the tige’s passage.

The entire production phase takes place in Brianza thanks to a pool of selected mechanical workshops.

The ability to fully customize your M24 according to your tastes is a peculiarity to which the unique architecture of our timepieces lends itself very well.

ErrediBi is pleased to offer this sort of Tailor Made Mechanics usually the prerogative of style exercises out of reach of the general public.

Our goal is to provide a high quality and unique product working on the imagination of the customer and creating an object that tells a personal story, going beyond the definition of a simple tool.

Additional information

Case Options

Aluminium Bronze C630000, Ergal EN AW 7075, Mallory Copper, Precious Metals, Titanium 6AL-4V (5th grade)

Available Surface Finishes

Anodizing (Ergal And Titanium Only), Bead Blasting, Mirror Polishing

Back Case Engraving

Full Custom

Dial Options

Dials – Custom – Crafted in one piece on your design, First Series – Blue Soleil, First Series – Deep Black, First Series – White, Genesi – Black, Genesi – Blue, Genesi – White