Black Military Dial


Vintage Waltham USA movement from 1934

Case: Steel with Convex sapphire crystal front, diamond coated glass display back. Water Resistant to 50 meters (150 feet). Rpaige Logo crown. This is a one of a kind watch.

Dimensions: 44mm diameter, 14mm thick, 52 mm end to end. Water resistant to 50 meters.

Movement: 17 Jewel vintage Waltham USA pocket watch movement. Manufactured in 1934 in Waltham, Massachusetts. Bimetallic balance wheel. Adjusted to temperature.

Dial: Black Military dial, with arabic numbers and a minute track. Antique watch gear at 12 0’clock position. All numbers are luminous. Blue enameled “block form” hands with luminous.

Weight: Steel Case – 82.7 grams

Shown with a genuine tan color leather strap with contrast stitching.

This watch is a one-off.

All Rpaige watches come with a one year warranty.

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About the RPaige Watch

The Rpaige watch was conceived, designed and produced by Richard Paige. Richard is a 4th generation watchmaker, who founded several high profile watch stores in California. His signature store was Paris 1925, in San Francisco.

Richard was the founder and owner of, which is considered the world’s most popular website for watch enthusiasts.

During his tenure at, Richard launched an online watch repair school. Also, Richard conceived and produced 4 other limited edition watches, all sold out, and marketed exclusively on

Richard has designed and produced furniture, jewelry, glassware, and art, all in the Art Deco theme and sold exclusively through retail stores.

The Rpaige watch company is headquartered in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Antique and Vintage movements

Rpaige Watch Company - GoldenbackThe limited edition Rpaige Wrocket watch is a play on words. The watch uses an antique/vintage “12 size” (39.78mm) American pocket watch movement made by either Elgin of Illinois, or Waltham of Massachusetts.

The Wrocket model comes from the joining of two technologies….the wristwatch and pocket watch…The wrist-pocket = the Wrocket watch. The 12 size pocket watch movements measures 39.78 mm, a perfect size for a modern oversize wristwatch.

The 12 size movements were produced mainly between 1897 and around 1929, after these dates, the wristwatch gained market acceptance and popularity, and the movements were then manufactured much smaller to fit into wristwatch cases. Although the movements in these limited edition watches were produced between 1899 and 1929, it does not mean that they have “old technology”.

The basic design of the mechanical wristwatch has not changed since the late 1800’s. In fact, the materials and workmanship used on these movements is far superior than most brand name watches.

The only major improvements in modern watch manufacturer were the “Incabloc shock protection system”, the “unbreakable mainspring”, using newer alloys, and anti-magnetism. Although the watch is not shock resistant, it is still very durable, and they are meant to be worn. The engineers and designers of these movements probably never realized how incredibly durable the product ended up being. And we believe that if these watches are serviced at regular intervals, that they will last another 100 years.